Announcement Regarding Rebranding

After this end-of-season sale, we will be taking time off to rebrand.
We aim to prioritize the consumer's needs by focusing on core products that are fashionable and better for athletes. LCTG recognizes the importance of sustainability, quality, and comfort in today's market and aims to align our offerings accordingly.

To achieve this, we are investing in research and development to improve the materials used in our products. LCTG aims to reduce the need for frequent replacements, ultimately saving our consumer money and reducing waste.

Our goal moving forward is to create functional apparel for Hybrid athletes, enabling fitness enthusiasts to focus on their preferred activity and perform at the highest level.

This step strengthens our growth and commitment by helping our consumers identify with our brand. We want to thank you for your supporting us. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email LABCULTURE2@GMAIL.COM.


Kyree & Dalontie Joppy
Lab Culture Training Group